Page 112 task 24

23 Jan


To Electro House

I am writing with reference to my order No 123123.

Unfortunately the DVD player is broken and I think that box had been dropped in transit, because there is dent on the side of DVD player.

I will return the broken DVD player at your expense. Please arrange for replacement for the broken item as soon as possible.

Best regards

Sari Sirviö



9 Jan

Pens Ltd                                                                         Quotation

Hesalantie 50

08100 Helsinki                                                               9 January 2014


Ms Anne Mustonen

Anne’s Accounting firm

Mustosenvaarantie 80

93999 Kuusamo

Dear Ms Mustonen

Thank you very much for your enquiry of 2 November

It is our pleasure to quote as follows:

Description                  Promotional pen with company`s logo

Material                       Metal

Colors                          Blue, Gunmetal and Black

Quantity                      50 pcs or 100 pcs

Price                            50 pcs 74, 50 €, 100 pcs 139, 00 €. Prices include VAT

Design of logo              150, 00 € price include VAT

Packing                        Packing and warranty are included in the price

Payment                      14 days less 2%, 30 days net

Our quotation is valid till 9 February 2014

We look forward to receiving your order.

Yours faithfully

Sari Sirviö

Sales Manager

ENC                             Catalogue

                                     Picture of your company logo


9 Jan

Foodie Ltd                                                                      Enquiry
Vuorikatu 2
88900 Kuhmo
(08) 687456                                                                    9 January 2014

Fashion Workwear Ltd
Tehtaantie 30
9999 Helsinki

Dear  Sir or Madam

We saw your advertisement in the December issue of Helsingin Sanomat. We are lunch restaurant in Kuhmo. You can visit our website at

We need new work wear to our restaurant employees. Could you send us your latest catalogue and export prices, including details of quantity discounts.

We look forward to receiving your quotation by the end of January

Yours faithfully

Sari Sirviö

Restaurant Manager

Summary page 87

14 Nov

Snapchat turned down billion dollar offer

Snapchat started in 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy two former Stanford fraternity brothers, lets users send photo and video messages that dissappear after they are viewed.  Snapchat quickly gained a reputation as an easy way to send sexually suggestive photos, but it also picked up steam as a fun and easy way to trade photo messages.

The company has in recent months become on of the most sought-after businesses in the tech industry. It has get attention from top Silicon Valley companies and venture capital firms as well as international technology companies.

Snapchat has turned down on offer worth billions of dollars, because they think making a deal now would leave many billions more on the table. Snapchat leaders think it might be one of the first social media companies in the United States to build its business largely around revenue beyond advertising.


Page 81 task 9

13 Nov

Dear Ms Jameson

We are pleased to invite you to our summer party in the Summer Villa on 6 June at 6 pm.

We look forward to see you at our party.

Response 08-123123

Yours sincerly

Carruthers & Sons


Task 7 page 78

4 Nov


Hello Minna

I´m writing to you about the next weeks conferense  in Milan. I´m going to attend and like to know that are you planned to go there too? I think that we could reserve room at hotel together and also have same taxi to airport.

I look forward to hearing that you are coming too.




Dear helpdesk

I´m writing about my computer problems. Computer problems started last week and it`s getting worse every day. I believe that computer got a virus because its starts up very slowly.

I hope that you could eliminate the problem soon as possible.

Best Regards

Sari Sirviö

Matkahuolto Kajaani

Task 6 page 78

4 Nov

Dear Mr Thomas

Thank you for your calling. We are very sorry for delay in delivery of spare parts to your company. Our supplier has temporary shortage on their stock. Their promise that we get spare parts tomorrow and we will send them to you express parcel by Matkahuolto and spare parts are at your company wednesday morning.

Please let me know if you need any further information. We hope that our partership will continue.

Best regards

Mike Swindon

Sales Manager